Our Foundation

Our foundation lies in our team and core values which lies in each of our established assets:

In India construction for retail customers is broadly related to building of Homes. The responsibility of customers start from the handover of property from builder/seller. We aim for improving Indian Housing Industry with fusion of Latest Technology. So we have named ourself with combination of 'e' stands for technolgy and 'ghar' stands for hindi meaning of Home (e-Ghar). We have chosen our first step in direction with first step of home buyers i.e. Home Inpsection at the time of Handover.

Our Logo consist of combined alphabets of "e" and "g" written with white colour in a rounded square of pleasant red colour. The simplicity of our logo indicates the environment we want to build for our customers. The combination of pleasant red & white colour encourage us to service customer with full energy and in peaceful manner. The rounded square encourage us to always look beyond the boundaries in which we are working. Our logo fits with vision and missions of e-Ghar Home Inspection Services.

Industry Experts
Our parent organization is Manomav Engineers which has contributed to $500 Million worth constructions projects on Project Management and Engineering Consultancy. Home Inspection Services of e-Ghar is just extension of our Commercial Activity to Retail Customers. This helps us in ensurnig 3D inspections for our customers where we have Domain Experts who are equipped with latest Devices while collected data of home construction quality of our customers

IIT & IIM Alumni
Our Company is founded by Alumni of IIT and IIM who have past experience of constructing residential, commercial, industrial and airport premises. Our founders have past working experience with leading construction brands of India including Larsen & Toubro, Punj Loyd, NKG Infrastructure and Unitech. Founding background of e-Ghar Home Inspection is helping us in integrating technology in home construction in best possible way.