Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a home inspection?

A. Home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation. Home Inspectors are inventing in state of the art equipment and technology to validate the observations.

Q. What does e-Ghar home inspection include?

A. Standard home inspection report cover the condition of home. We inspect property over 12 different categories like Finishing, Wood Work, Roofing etc. A list of comprehensive recommendations is prepared which can also help in taking quality possession from builder. We are also capable of measuring the carpet area using the laser equipments, scientific check of moisture using thermal imaging and identifying behind the wall materials using our latest techniques.

Q. Why do I need a home inspection?

A. Buying a home could be the largest single investment you will ever make. To minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, you should know as much as you can about newly constructed or existing house before moving-in. A home inspection may identify the need for major/minor repairs which builder would have missed. After the inspection, you will know more about the house, which will allow you to make decisions with confidence.
If you already are a homeowner, a home inspection can identify problems in the making and suggest preventive measures that might help you avoid costly future repairs.
If you are planning to sell your home, a home inspection can give you the opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in better selling condition.

Q. How long does the Inspection take?

A. Generally on site it takes from 2-6 Hours. The time taken for inspection depends on type of inspection, size, type, and age of property. Our focus during site visit is to capture the comprehensive list of issues and we spend the time as required by site condition. After collection of data from site complete set of data is sent to central team for report development

Q. Why can't I do it myself?

A. Even the most experienced homeowner lacks the knowledge and expertise of a professional home inspector. An inspector is familiar with the elements of home construction, proper installation, maintenance and home safety. Home inspector knows how the components of home are intended to function together, as well as why do they fail.
Above all, most buyers find it difficult to remain completely objective and unemotional about the house they really want which eventually may affect their judgment. For accurate information, it is best to obtain an impartial, third-party opinion by a professional from field of home inspection.
Also the cost of equipments is very expensive and it is not worth buying those equipments for low frequency usage.

Q. Can a house fail in a home inspection?

A. No! A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of a house. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value. It is not a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance. A home inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a house, but rather describe its physical condition and indicate what components and systems may need major repair or replacement.

Q. What Other Services do you Provide?

A. Carpet Area Measurement, Commercial Property Inspection, Homeowner property condition evaluations, Property Evaulation based on Construction, Building Health Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Fire Fighting Inspection, Air Quality Measurement and Water Quality Measurement

Q. When will I get the Report?

A. Within 5 to 7 Working days of end of the site inspection day. Commercial Property Inspection reports are delivered within 7 to 10 business days of end of the site inspection day.

Q. How do you send me the report?

A. Electronically. You will receive an email with a username and password, and a link to the inspection report. You will click on the link, enter your info, and voila! the report is available for your review. From there you can view the photographs of your inspection. Additionally, yo will get a soft copy which you can take print, or forward it to whomever you like, or also refer back as often as you like.

Q. Can I see a Sample report?

A. Yes Click Here!!! for downloading the sample report.

Q. Does the seller have to fix all the things you find in the Home Inspection?

A. No. The seller is not required by law to fix anything observed in the Home Inspection report, except that is in violation of law or other MA regulations (such as abandoned oil tanks). We recommend that you consult with your Real Estate Attorney with regard to steps taken after receipt of the Home Inspection Report.

Q. How should I negotiate with the seller after the Home Inspection?

A. We cannot advise you on how you should negotiate or move forward with your transaction. You should seek the professional advice of a Real Estate Attorney. It is our job to inform you of the condition of the property only.